AIP Week 3 Summary

This week’s summary is going to mainly be about the change I’m seeing. The granuloma annulare on my ankle seems to have faded a bit, and that makes me ridiculously excited. The harsh light in my bathroom does me no favors here; I promise that it is definitely is far less in-your-face under normal lights. The pictures below start with week 1 on the left and go to this week on the right.

Week 1 - 3 compare

I’m not going to claim it’s a major difference, but the image on the far right shows a lighter coloring and the edges are less distinct than the previous two images. When looking at it in person, it doesn’t appear to be the angry red-purple color it had been.

Even the slightest change is exciting to me, because I haven’t seen it do anything but grow, since 2010, unless I was using steroid cream or if I was pregnant–in both cases it went away.

I’m not seeing that much change with the GA on the top of my right foot, so, no side-by-side comparison for now.

Week 3 Stats:

Weight: 195.5

Granuloma Annulare:

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