Getting Started

I decided to start this project after completing a Whole30 and realizing my reflections and lessons learned, in particular, might be helpful to my friends. I’d like to expand to talk more generally about how to approach life changes, but we’ve all got to start some where. This is where I’m Getting Started.

Whole30 Rationale
Whole30 at 37: Changing My Fuel

Whole30 Tips
Whole30: What You Can Do to Prepare
Whole30: Food Planning Tips
Post-Whole30 Reintroduction: Words of Wisdom

Whole30 Diary
Whole30: Days 1-5
Whole30: Days 6-10
Whole30: Days 11-15
Whole30: Days 16-20
Whole30: Days 21-25
Whole30: Days 26-30

Whole30 Results
Whole30 Results



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