AIP Week 7 Summary

Here’s my week 1 (left) and week 7 (right) comparison.

Week 1, Week 7 compare JPG

Please excuse the unshaved legs. It is what it is.

So, it’s still there and still noticeable. But, it is lighter and has less defined borders. Within the GA lesion, there’s less definition as well.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the time of day has some affect on what the GA looks like. Strangely, in the evenings, it looks much lighter; that’s the opposite of what I would have expected. I guess I assumed that maybe being up and around would do something with the blood flow and make it appear darker. That doesn’t really make sense I guess, since this has nothing to do with blood flow. It only has to do with the autoimmune response of my body to something. So, what I’m kicking around in my mind right now is that maybe it’s lighter in the evening because I’m drinking and eliminating during the day; that means I’m flushing out anything that I might be reacting to. During the night, everything is just hanging out in my body. I wouldn’t even call this a theory; more like a grasp at some dangling straws.

In case you are wondering, I always take my pictures in the morning. So, even at it’s worst, it still looks improved.

I’ve decided to not do weekly posts. They were a lot to keep up with, and the change is so slow that I was really getting discouraged with such a granular comparison. I’ll try to find the right balance.

Weight: 193.3

Granuloma Annulare:


AIP Week 4 Summary

I’m still plugging along. The hardest thing right now is making food for my family. I’m definitely in a rut with what I eat; and really, that’s fine. I have no desire to mix things up. But, my family’s eating preferences probably aren’t as boring as mine. I’ve definitely been struggling to keep their options diverse while mine have become less so.

Also, in comparing week 1 (left) with this week (right), I can’t really convince myself I see much difference. So, the wind is a bit out of my sails right now.

Feb 1 Compare

I’m still seeing downward movement with my weight, and I feel good, so those two things are enough to keep me motivated.

Weight: 194.4

Granuloma Annulare: