AIP Week 7 Summary

Here’s my week 1 (left) and week 7 (right) comparison.

Week 1, Week 7 compare JPG

Please excuse the unshaved legs. It is what it is.

So, it’s still there and still noticeable. But, it is lighter and has less defined borders. Within the GA lesion, there’s less definition as well.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the time of day has some affect on what the GA looks like. Strangely, in the evenings, it looks much lighter; that’s the opposite of what I would have expected. I guess I assumed that maybe being up and around would do something with the blood flow and make it appear darker. That doesn’t really make sense I guess, since this has nothing to do with blood flow. It only has to do with the autoimmune response of my body to something. So, what I’m kicking around in my mind right now is that maybe it’s lighter in the evening because I’m drinking and eliminating during the day; that means I’m flushing out anything that I might be reacting to. During the night, everything is just hanging out in my body. I wouldn’t even call this a theory; more like a grasp at some dangling straws.

In case you are wondering, I always take my pictures in the morning. So, even at it’s worst, it still looks improved.

I’ve decided to not do weekly posts. They were a lot to keep up with, and the change is so slow that I was really getting discouraged with such a granular comparison. I’ll try to find the right balance.

Weight: 193.3

Granuloma Annulare:


AIP Week 4 Summary

I’m still plugging along. The hardest thing right now is making food for my family. I’m definitely in a rut with what I eat; and really, that’s fine. I have no desire to mix things up. But, my family’s eating preferences probably aren’t as boring as mine. I’ve definitely been struggling to keep their options diverse while mine have become less so.

Also, in comparing week 1 (left) with this week (right), I can’t really convince myself I see much difference. So, the wind is a bit out of my sails right now.

Feb 1 Compare

I’m still seeing downward movement with my weight, and I feel good, so those two things are enough to keep me motivated.

Weight: 194.4

Granuloma Annulare:

AIP Week 3 Summary

This week’s summary is going to mainly be about the change I’m seeing. The granuloma annulare on my ankle seems to have faded a bit, and that makes me ridiculously excited. The harsh light in my bathroom does me no favors here; I promise that it is definitely is far less in-your-face under normal lights. The pictures below start with week 1 on the left and go to this week on the right.

Week 1 - 3 compare

I’m not going to claim it’s a major difference, but the image on the far right shows a lighter coloring and the edges are less distinct than the previous two images. When looking at it in person, it doesn’t appear to be the angry red-purple color it had been.

Even the slightest change is exciting to me, because I haven’t seen it do anything but grow, since 2010, unless I was using steroid cream or if I was pregnant–in both cases it went away.

I’m not seeing that much change with the GA on the top of my right foot, so, no side-by-side comparison for now.

Week 3 Stats:

Weight: 195.5

Granuloma Annulare:

AIP Week 2 Summary

I tried a couple of non-typical–for me– foods this week. AIP isn’t just about eliminating foods, but it’s also an opportunity to eat nutrient-dense foods that will help your body heal. I thought I’d try salmon and beef liver.

The salmon was an epic bust. I cannot stand fish; I had a bout of food poisoning my senior year in high school–on spring break no less!– and I haven’t been able to eat it since. Shrimp and lobster, those things are fine. Anything with fins, instant nausea. But, I thought I should pull up my big girl panties and try again. I really did cook it well. It was flaky and moist. It was flavored well with dill and lemon. Really, it tasted good. But the minute that salmon was in my mouth, I had to fight the urge to hurl. I struggled through the entire piece, but the leftovers sat untouched in my fridge. My 4-year old, who was very excited to help cook it, took a bite and also rejected it. She told me the next day that I was “chopped for that fish.” Maybe we watch too much Food Network together.

I tried a beef liver pate recipe from Autoimmune Paleo, and that was much more successful! We have A LOT of beef liver from a half steer we bought back in June. The liver has been taunting me from the freezer so I tackled it a few nights ago.  The recipe I used included bacon, so, you know, it was the best opportunity for this to taste good. The only modification I made to the recipe was to puree some of the bacon with the liver instead of only stirring in the bacon chunks. I feel like that was a good call. The recipe made a lot of pate, so I’m going to freeze half of it and try to eat some of it weekly.

I noticed this week that my gas from the first week has mostly subsided. I still don’t know the cause, but I’m glad for the progress. I also have a belief that the granuloma annulare has lightened ever so slightly on my ankle, but it’s possible that this is my very wishful thinking. Time will confirm or deny this belief.

[Update: I feel more strongly a couple of days after this post that it has changed a wee bit; what makes it look different to me that you can’t see in the picture is that it doesn’t seem to be as raised as it was.]

Week 2 Stats:

Weight: 198.2

Granuloma Annulare:



Beef Liver Pate – Autoimmune Protocol (Mickey Prescott)

AIP Week 1 Summary

The first week of AIP wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. I think having been mostly Whole30ing already–except for during the end of December–helped a lot. It didn’t seem that difficult to remove a few more items from the meal plan. I thought I’d really miss eggs; I miss how cheap of a protein source they are, but I’m not counting down the days until I can eat them again.

Speaking of cheap, this protocol ain’t. I had been eating a lot of eggs. I used tomatoes to stretch a lot of meals–spaghetti sauce, flavor in meatloaf, etc. Now I’m eating meat and veggies pretty much three times a day. Meat is expensive. I go through veggies VERY quickly. I’m going to experiment in the coming weeks to see how I can get the cost down AND not have to go to the grocery store 3 times a week. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Much like the Whole30, within a couple of days of starting AIP, my joint pain virtually disappeared. I mean, I was having some serious joint pain in the later part of December. It might never cease to amaze me that something I’m eating can cause so much pain. My sincerest hope is that I reintroduce correctly this time to determine what it is that causes such inflammation in me.

The last thing I noticed was that this week, I had a serious amount of gas. Sorry; it is what it is. This surprised me because I never really experienced it on Whole30, and what I’m eating now is pretty much all on the Whole30 meal plan also. I’ve googled and not much comes up about why this might be. The few things I’ve gleaned is that it could reflect a sensitivity to something I’m eating or it could be a sign of a shift in gut flora. If it’s the latter, that’s great! If it’s the former, that’s strange.

Week 1 Stats:

Weight: 200.2

Granuloma Annulare:


New Year, New Protocol

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. Life got in the way, and truth-be-told, I’m not really good at multi-tasking more than two things at once. So, life and work won out. I’m back though; new year, new protocol.

When I did the Whole30 last year, I suspected that I might need to try the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). I’d like to get rid of my granuloma annulare (GA). I, and all doctors apparently, have no idea what causes it, but the doctors do categorize it as an autoimmune disorder. That’s some tidbit of information anyway. Interestingly, I’ve had pretty bad allergies to so many things as an adult, and it has made me wonder if there’s a correlation.

I won’t rehash it here, but I do buy into the Paleo philosophy that our bodies process some things we put into them really well (real food), and poorly process–or don’t at all process– other things (junk). This is why I tried the Whole30 and had what I felt like were fantastic results that further solidified what I’ve been reading and internalizing about what we eat and how it affects us.

Lately I’ve been reading more from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, who blogs at The Paleo Mom. She has a PhD in medical biophysics (yes, I give that a bit more stock than the average paleo blogger) and used the AIP to clear up her lichen planus…which sounds a whole lot like GA.

So, knowing that I already buy into the root of Paleo, and knowing that other people have found success treating similar autoimmune conditions with AIP, it’ll come as no surprise that I suspect that the GA is caused by either something I’m putting in my body or something I’m putting on my body. And that I think AIP might be helpful to me. What I’m most concerned about is the length of time I’ll need to be on AIP before I can expect any results. It took a long time for my  body to start trying to notify me of issues, so I expect it to take a while for me to notice any changes. I’ve read to give AIP at least 90 days before you start reintroducing foods. That means 90 days of no coffee, no nightshades, no nuts and seeds, no alcohol, in addition to what the typical Paleo framework would exclude. It’s daunting. I’m not sure that I’ll make it the 90 days, but I’m going to start today and see how it goes. I’ll post daily food pictures to the well-nourished lives Facebook page and I’ll summarize the results I’ve noticed weekly here on the blog.

Starting Stats:

Weight: 202.8

Granuloma Annulare:

  • You probably can’t really see it in the third image on my arm…that one has seemed to clear up fairly well on it’s own. My feet, though, not. at. all.


Whole30 Results My Experience with the AIP to Treat Lichen Planus

Whole30 Results

Prior to my Whole30, I’d been trying to live a predominantly Paleo lifestyle. I just believe in it; it makes sense to me. So, even with all the knowledge I’d already internalized about Paleo (while not sticking to it 100%), my Whole30 results are surprisingly different and more than I expected. Some of the things I’ve noticed include:
  • Clear head and increased concentration—This happened within the first two weeks. I thought the cloudy headedness I’d been experiencing was due to lack of sleep and too much coffee. I haven’t gotten more sleep or lowered my coffee intake during the Whole30, for what it’s worth. I don’t have a lot of data points for this yet, but any work presentation I’ve given in the recent past was terrible; I lost words and trailed off, I stuttered and generally just muddled through. Which I know hasn’t always been the case. The most recent presentation I did on Day 27 was 100% better than any part of the last few years. Maybe it’s because I knew the material inside and out. Maybe. But I can tell you that I felt like I was able to think and talk at the same time. I felt the difference.
  • Less anxiety and more patience—I have an almost 4-year-old and an almost 1-year-old. My husband is in school full time and I work full time. Life is hectic and a bit stressful. I am a worrier by nature and probably have been in a constant state of stress for years. All of this led to me feeling very low about how I was interacting with my family. I’m not sure I can articulate what’s happened here, but I can tell you that the last few weeks I’ve felt less likely to implode. Yes, my 3-year-old, who I love dearly, still gets on my nerves on occasion, but I don’t have the internal struggle to keep my cool (which I was often losing). I feel more collected. Maybe I was on more of a sugar-filled roller coaster than I expected. I don’t know; but I can tell you that I am very thankful for this internal calm that has settled in.
  • Less aches and pains—The aches and pain in my joints cleared up around week 2 also, probably by about 90%. I doubt I’ll ever be at 100%, because I’ve got plenty of damage from basketball, running, all that jazz. But I feel more like 37 and less like a poorly-maintained 67. I can imagine living another 50 years in a body that feels like this. When people want to take the stairs at work, provided I’m not in heels, I can do it! And, I can squat down to look at my daughter in her eyes when she wants to talk to me. That, right there, is worth every minute of the last 30 days.
  • No more mystery pain—I’ve only run a couple of days, but I have not had a single instance of shifting-organ discomfort in weeks. And surprise of all surprises, the two days I did run, no Depends were harmed or even needed. And yes, I do have an appointment with my doctor wherein I’ll discuss my discomfort to make sure it isn’t anything serious, but ladies, you know how long it takes to get in to see those doctors. She’ll tell me losing weight was what I needed to do to make it better anyway.
  • The other things category—This is a catchall for all that I just won’t talk about online. Or with most people. But if you are at my house having a glass of wine and contemplating doing a Whole30, I’ll tell you about it.
  • Weight loss—I wish I had taken body measurements before I did the Whole30. I only have my waist circumference and weight from an annual exam the day before my birthday. And really, I’m pear shaped so most of the inches came off my thighs and butt and aren’t represented here. I’ll also say that I didn’t lose as much weight as my clothes would lead me to believe. Many of the inches I lost happened toward the end of week 2 and seems to have been inflammation related. That probably coincides with why I have less aches and pains. Starting weight: 224
    Starting waist circumference: 36.5″

    Ending weight: 213
    Ending waist circumference: 34″

The granuloma annulare has not cleared up and I can’t tell any difference in it. It’s possible that my body is reacting to something other than what I’m eating or it’s possible that I might just need stay the course longer and let my body continue to heal. It went away when I was pregnant with with my youngest (your immune system lowers during pregnancy) and it took a couple of months for it to resolve then. It’s not too bothersome, so I’m not going to stress out about it; I’ll just keep avoiding pedicures. Sigh.

I saw more and different benefits than I expected. I’m not entirely sure why. I suspect that my body is probably more sensitive to sugar and other “things” in the food I’ve been eating than I had recognized. The next step is to try to reintroduce foods that I feel like I cannot live without and see how my body reacts to them; I should have eliminated foods for long enough that I’ll be able to recognize how my body feels after I eat any that are potentially inflammatory. There’s not a ton I’m dying to have back, other than wine, chocolate, and maybe some cheese. But because I now fully recognize that my stress foods are alcohol and sweet stuff, I’m going to really have to monitor those two.

And there you have it. I’m not going to just jump back into the way I was eating. I’ll probably still seem like I’m being a PITA when I don’t eat something that seems incredibly normal to someone else. But I don’t want to go back to feeling like I did (I just can’t), and I still have some things I want to accomplish. I want to see if I can get back into running now that I’m not hurting so much. I want to keep being able to roll around on the floor with Emma and Aurora. I want to be able to run away from the zombies during the Apocalypse without peeing myself because I’m obese and inflamed (did anyone read this far?).

Thanks to everyone who followed along and cheered me on. I really do appreciate it. Facebook* lends to a lot of negativity in the world, I think, but I feel like I was able to use it to my advantage with this project. So, to my friends near and far, I appreciate you all.

One last thing, if you are looking to do a Whole30 of your own, I’d be happy to cheer you on!

*I initially documented my journey on my personal Facebook page.

Whole30: Days 26-30

 w3026 Day 26
Highlight: 26! Also, Chuy’s can do a decent whole30 salad. Chili’s, you are lame. Also, finally I made dinner; pot roast in the Instant Pot. Pressure cookers are super handy.

Lowlightwhat a busy flippin’ day. I’m headed into Austin tomorrow and I’m light on groceries in the house to take as snacks, so I’m a little worried about how difficult tomorrow will be. I‘m comin’ for you day #27.

 w3027 Day 27
Highlight: mmmmmm. I made it through? Whether tempted by gummy bears or brownies, I did not partake.I’m missing a picture of pot roast for dinner. And a small piece with my salad at lunch, since I knew I’d find no clean protein in the office. And a handful of pecans.

LowlightI came for day 27, trying to be all tough. Day 27 gave as good as it got. I’m exhausted.

 w3028 Day 28

Highlightolive to-go packs. Pretty handy. Seeing my sister and dad are also pluses.

Lowlight: no protein in the morning and early afternoon left me starving tonight.

Not pictured: another pack of olives and TWO bananas. Traveling is hard.

 w3029 Day 29
HighlightI don’t have to drive to whole foods any more for my Epic Uncured Bacon! Thank you HEB! My excitement cannot be accurately expressed!

: nada!
 w3030 Day 30
Highlight: day 30
Lowlight: day 30

I’m in the middle of writing up a longer post about my experience. I plan to put it up tomorrow. Plus, I don’t weigh in until tomorrow morning anyway.

Thanks for roughing it out with me. I truly appreciate it.

Whole30: Days 21-25

   w3021 Day 21
Highlight: still mayonnaise.

Lowlight: super busy day. Emma and I bought new clothes for her and sister. I guess that’s back-to-school shopping…although they haven’t had a break from school.

Anyway, switching out closets took all day and I didn’t have much of a food plan, so I ate whatever I could scrounge. So, mayonnaise. But the girls no longer look like ragamuffins, so it’s all good.

  w3022 Day 22
Highlight: dinner! I threw some stuff together because I only had to feed myself. And it might have been the best thing I’ve ever stumbled upon. Ghee-fried potatoes underneath grassfed ground beef with fresh cilantro, red onion, and tomatoes. The cilantro played really well with the richness of the ghee. Damn delicious.

Lowlight: lunch sucked (sad salad from chilis). I knew it would so I tried to have a hearty breakfast, but I ended up overcompensating with cashews (two more handfuls than you see here).

I also solidified today that the food I turn to when stressed (because I’m totally a stress eater) is sweets and alcohol. I was SERIOUSLY jonesing for a dozen donuts and a bottle of red wine today. Rayo, thank you for talking me down.

I do need to figure out how to deal with those triggers when I don’t have the rules of Whole30 to fall back on. I know that this is why my diet was wrecked years ago.

  w3023 Day 23

Highlight: HEB does a pretty decent lactofermented kraut.

Also, Topo Chico with lime was a nice change up.

Lowlight: I‘m definitely feeling a little of the food boredom that’s common at this point in the Whole30. It’s why I’m trying to add one or two surprising/different/interesting things to the rotation. Like lactofermented kraut.

And I snacked a lot today. Stress not alleviated, maybe?

  w3024 Day 24
HighlightI feel kind of settled in with this whole30. I’m not constantly worried about what I’m going to eat. I know what’s been filling me up and what works as a go-to meal. That feels good.

LowlightI made Tator tots for the non-whole30 people in the house. Man. It took a lot to stay away from those. More than I thought it would.

Also, my big ol’ salad bowl is empty. Can someone chop all those veggies for me? Meh, I’ll do it tomorrow.

  w3025 Day 25
Highlightbreakfast dinner salad? It didn’t make me mad.

Lowlight: I should have prepped my big bowl of salad yesterday. I had nothing ready to eat and today was MUCH busier than I expected it to be. You don’t see a handful of almonds. But, it wasn’t really the best food day.

Forgot to take the roast out to defrost. So dinner didn’t do me any favors.

Planning people. It’s all in the planning.

Whole30: Days 16-20

 w3016 Day 16
Highlight: back to work today means less snacking. I think that’s good. Lowlight: nothing today!
 w3017 Day 17

Highlight: bacon! It took me a while to make it to the whole foods so I could find bacon without added sugar. Mmmmmm. I missed it.

Lowlight: none today either.

 w3018 Day 18

Highlight: ran most of a mile today. It’s been a long time my friends.

I also toasted some almonds with paprika on some and cumin on others. Why haven’t I done that before?!

Lowlight: it is hard to keep enough protein cooked and ready to go. I know I’ve said that before, but I still haven’t gotten better at that. I think that made the tortillas on my counter call my name even louder. Shut your mouth tortillas!
 w3019 Day 19

Highlight: friends and dinner! Thank you Sara!

Also, I made mayonnaise today. Pretty easy that.

Lowlight: I had a bit of a headache. Pretty sure I didn’t eat enough early on, but it was a busy day!

And, cooking is an art; you can’t create at a satisfying level if you can’t taste it! I wonder what chefs do on a whole30?

Not pictured: a handful (or two) of nuts and olives.

 w3020 Day 20
Highlight: the ghee I ordered at the start of my whole30 came in today! I know I can make my own. And I have before. But I didn’t want to and I had a coupon. Buttery goodness at dinner time (and now I smell it coming out of my pores, which is odd).Also, egg salad at lunch! Delicious!

Lowlight: pilling raw chicken juice all over the floor and my legs. Pretty much my worst nightmare. I’m OCD with chicken in the kitchen; bleach for days. Sigh.