Whole30: Days 1-5

When I started my Whole30 journey, I thought I’d just capture the best part and the biggest struggle of my experience each day. Then I realized that taking pictures of the food that I was eating could be a useful accountability tool. By day 3, I made the switch to trying to capture all that I was eating. I wasn’t always successful with recording every item in photos, and that’s okay. Documentation perfection was not my goal, instead I wanted to use the act of taking pictures as a prompt for mindfulness.

My pictures can serve the dual purpose of giving you an idea of how my Whole30 progressed. For example, I ate a lot more snacks in the beginning as I struggled with getting the right amount of fats with each meal, and I think that’s clearly evident in what you see.

Tip: Document your Whole30 in a way that works for you. It’s hard to remember what happened each day, but if you find yourself needing to troubleshoot your Whole30, having notes or visuals can be helpful! You don’t have to post it or make it public; this can be just for you.

 w301 Day 1
Highlight: Eat the rainbow!
Lowlight: Realizing I have 29 more days before I can crack open this wonderful birthday present (wherein “meh” is really all I can do to keep from crying).
 w302 Day 2
Highlight: Still eating the rainbow.
Lowlight: What the rest of the family had for dinner. Chick-Fil-A is my kryptonite!
 w303 Day 3
Highlight: Purple cauliflower (or, as my daughter called it, princess flower).
Lowlight: None. It was a pretty great day!
 w304 Day 4
Highlight: Savory sweet potatoes are the bomb.
Lowlight: Poor planning led to ugly plates. And too few veggies. And really I had two apples. And 4 sausage patties. And I could go for a Blizzard.
 w305 Day 5
Highlight: Veggies are back and I really did miss them! Not pictured: pecans for a snack.
Lowlight: I love leftovers, but I need some new leftovers. I still have one more day to go on these leftovers though. Sigh.

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